timing equipment services

Weysoft is mainly a Consultancy, so we do not have a vast range of products or equipment.

We have however developed an Event Timing System, as shown below.

  • The hardware system is comprised of a number of competitor loggers using RFID technology.
    The loggers are available in USB and Ethernet variants, and both short and long range.

  • The data is captured using an 'event Logger' application designed to run on MS Windows operating system (XP, Win7).

  • This data is used by the 'Event Manager' application, which produces the list of final instructions and automated results calculation.

  • A real time results screen can be integrated by adding the 'Event Scoreboard' application. In order to give real time positions during the event this requires the above applications to be networked together (wired or wireless). The progress of the event can then be tracked, showing *provisional* positions as they happen.

    The same application can also display the final positions following inclusion of special test times and result calculation.
  • A 'Championship Manager' application completes the suite, allowing the user to calculate championship standings from the results of all the selected events.