About Us

who we are and what we do

Founded in 1996, Weysoft are a small company dedicated to providing a professional service customised to suit the clients needs. Although we may only employ a small number of personnel, each consultant has a specific skill set which sees them in regular demand from our clients.

We take pride in our professional and technical expertise, and also maintaining strong working relationships with our customers. Consequently, the majority of our business is conducted with previous customers and from personal referrals. We understand the importance of good client relationships - our business depends on it!

Markets & Skills

Although Weysoft's skillsets encompass custom software development across a wide range of business applications, most of the work undertaken in recent years has been for clients specialising in Telecom or Space based technologies.

Weysoft can develop software to run under commercial operating systems such as MS Win-XP, Windows 7, and Linux too. Previous projects have required levels of expertise from writing device drivers, all the way through to GUI front ends. For MS Windows variants this is generally developed using the Microsoft .NET framework.

In these industries it is common for custom hardware to be employed, with a varied selection of CPUs. We are therefore familiar with an equally varied range of processor families, from Microchip PIC microcontrollers, AMD and IBM Pentium class processors, the Motorola 68 family, and specialist devices compliant with the SPARC core such as LEON2. We therefore have a detailed knowledge of working with and where necessary developing board support packages for a diverse range of COTS and specialist processor cards.

Most of the software and firmware has been written in OO C++. Since timing can be critical in the high speed systems above it follows that development for drivers using assembler code is occasionally required, and has been undertaken too as necessary.

We aren't only able to develop low level drivers or MS Windows applications though. We have knowledge of distributed computing using Object Oriented technology, having developed modules to run under CORBA, with extensive use of IDLs dynamically generated in XML.