Case Studies

what we've done before

Weysoft have provided our services to a relatively modest number of customers, but many of these are organisations for whom a close, long-term relationship has developed. Our strategy is to work with our customers on an ongoing basis where possible, providing an agile, flexible approach, supplying the desired skills to meet customers project requirements and deadlines. This relationship has seen Weysoft attaining preferred supplier status, rather than simply just another supplier.

The following are a small selection of the commercial projects we have been involved with.

  • Helicopter Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
     Weysoft consultants worked on the software for the training application used to capture data for a new vibration monitoring algorithm for helicopters.

  • Mobile Phone Software configuration and Integration
     Weysoft consultants have, for over 10 years been providing integration and configuration services to arguably the worlds top mobile phone manufacturing company (Nokia).
     There is no specific project or product listed here because there are so many !

  • MicroSAR (listed under Earth Observation programmes)
     Weysoft were asked to bid on, and subsequently design and produce the entire software suite for this programme.
     MicroSAR is an airborne Imaging Radar system, employing a number of control interfaces and high image data rates.

  • Radarsat 2 (Earth Observation Satellite for Canadian Space Agency)
     Weysoft consultants worked on the EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) software during hardware/software integration for this Earth Observation Satellite.
     We were subsequently asked to specify, design and write the software for a 'Mini EGSE' to be shipped to the customer with the payload, for them to complete their conformance testing. This was completed on time, within budget, and delivered on schedule to the customer in Canada.

  • Paradigm Modem System (PMS) for Skynet 5
     Weysoft consultants worked on the architectural design of the modem software, responsible for the architecture team and the design of new functionality being added to the modem. 

  • Yahsat
     Weysoft provided a Technical Architect for the Network Management System for this project. The consultant was responsible for the end to end architectural design at the management system level, ensuring a coherent design approach. The design was captured using UML and realised using Java.

Note that some of the above projects are of a secure nature, and some of our consultants are therefore security cleared.